What I Don’t Want You to Know.

You are supposed to think that I am a calm, collected, intelligent woman.

That’s because I am. Well, most of the time.

Then, at other times, I can be so stupid.

But I’m not going to let you know.

I won’t write to you about my latest dating experience. Which was really awesome. Until I fucked it up by calling the guy two minutes after I got home and somehow managed to imply that I was fearing he came to see me just to have sex.

No way, who in their right mind would ever do that?

I won’t write to you that I contacted him two days later and shared my article about our date, and signed my message with a “no hard feelings” so he would feel at ease for not contacting me.

I mean, seriously? That would be such an absolutely idiotic thing to do.

Oh, and of course, I will never-ever mention to you that I posted a link to my articles on my personal Facebook page because I secretly hoped he would read them and realize that he made a mistake and ask me out again. Of course I won’t let you know that. This is too stupid for anyone to comprehend.

I don’t do stupid shit like that.

Except for when there are butterflies in my stomach.

Not that I am suggesting that there were butterflies in my stomach when I met this guy. No no no no. Not at all. After all, we only met once. It wouldn’t make any sense now, would it?

Remember? I am a calm, collected, intelligent woman.

Bringing awareness into wherever it’s needed. www.makeloverevolution.com

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