What an amazing article and well written! I would hesitate to say that it’s the feminist movement to blame, though. I reckon it’s millennia of Patriarchy society, during which we women, as a collective, were made to forget our wisdom of connecting to our bodies and emotions in a productive, powerful manner. The feminist movement has done an amazing service of liberating us from extreme Patriarchy rules (still more work to be done, though!), but the model that was available to us was the male model, and we thought we just need to be equal within that model.

In recent years, more and more effort is being made into regaining the knowledge of connecting to the feminine forces, and I actually see the feminist movement really tapping into that.

Things like: apps to assist with Natural Planning Method; workplaces that give women rest-leave for their first day of their period; the scientific world recognizing that it’s anatomy and sexuality models, which were based on a male perspective, are inaccurate when it comes to the description of women. And there are many many more.

So I reckon this is the next step in the feminist movement: acknowledging that we’re not supposed to adjust our femininity to be equal in a male oriented world. Instead, we’re learning how to be equal by reconnecting to our unique feminine nature and making the world adjust to the new order.

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