Thanks so much for sharing your experience of sex as you age. I wonder if that lack of “Wanting to want” to have sex is relatively new or did you have a similar experience in your younger years?

I had quite a few young female readers writing to me about a similar experience. (In fact, it was the topic of my last article).

But the thing I am mostly interested in is, how sex is separated from intimacy. In my own experience, and the way I have sex myself (at least 95% of the time), sex is an extended hug. It is quiet. It is slow. It is mellow. Completely different from what I was conditioned to believe sex is in my younger years.

I literally think that if my daughter woke up and saw us having sex it would look nothing different to her than us hugging each other with the clothes off… Perhaps still a bit strange but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be all that traumatizing for her.

Anyway! I just wanted to thank you again Christina Hausauer for your honest and vulnerable piece.

Bringing awareness into wherever it’s needed.

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