Thanks for the compliment re my profile picture, Christine Stevens, even though you are totally crazy.


I wonder why two ugly people need to be inhabited by spirits of ex lovers in order to have sex? Can’t they just have amazing sex even if they are ugly?

Also. What does ugly even mean?

I think most of us know that when we are in love with someone they seem to us like the most beautiful, attractive thing on the planet. Here’s another take of what beauty really is by the one and only Emily Nagoski:

But everyone is beautiful. Because — once more, for the people at the back — beautiful isn’t something bodies “should” be, it is what bodies already are. It was true about you on the day you were born. It’s true today. And if you can see beauty in a gnarled tree, an embattled flower, a puzzled puppy, or an unfledged bird, I bet you can understand how I see it in you.

When you do end up writing your ugly erotica piece, please send it my way ❤

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