Sorry Cosette Ubik for taking my time to update you.

I think that entire date experience made me feel so completely stupid that I didn’t want to tell you what happened…


I texted the guy, and he replied with a long text and detailed his experience of our date. He explained why he took his time to get back to me and what I did that made him hesitate.

And after all of that he said he would like to meet me again.

Funnily enough, I felt uncomfortable.

Now that I knew what he thought of me, I felt embarrassed.

But I was happy that he still wanted to meet me.

Then, the following day I texted him again and this time he said he just met someone else and wanted to give that new woman a go.

It sounded a bit odd to me but to be honest I was also relieved…

But I was able to examine his feedback on my behavior and for some reason it shifted something very deep inside me in a very positive direction.

I should probably write an article with more details at some stage.

In any case, I thank you so much for your advice and I am very happy I followed it ❤️

Have a great amazing new year!!!

Bringing awareness into wherever it’s needed.

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