Sean Stephane Martin, there are a few issues at play here. But the bottom line is, your’e right. It definitely comes to gratitude.

I also believe there’s something else that affects women in a hetrosexual relationship.

Well, two, actually.

One has to do with how many women feel very uncomfortable with the entire concept of sex. We recieve mixed messages about how we are supposed to be a celibate saint on one front, and a whore on the other front. And if we don’t look into it we end up a bit of a mess. Which can be untangled in a relationship but if it’s not dealt with, could also leave us in a bigger mess.

And the other thing is, that when people have a sexual desire that is different from what our society is describing as “normal”, people are usually going through a journey of self-discovery, revelation, investigation. Through this, they explore and educate themselves about lots of aspects of sex. And it puts them in a much better position to understand how to fully take it in and enjoy sex.

Whereas the common hetro people just expect sex to happen and be amazing “like in the movies” without putting much thought into it. Which can sometimes work but many times fails once the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over.

Bringing awareness into wherever it’s needed.

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