Profile Photos on Dating Apps: The Dos and the Don’ts.

By an online-dating user who thinks some people could have a much better chance if they made a little effort.

Without further ado:

Please do:

  • Provide more than one photo —
    Diversify, diversify, diversify. One close-up headshot, one full-body shot, as a minimum.
  • Upload at least one or two recent photos —
    These need to be clear and of good quality. Bonus points if you add the date/year in the photo’s description.
  • Check how your photo looks like after it’s posted —
    Many times the photo will be adjusted by to fit into the app and your head will be cut above your nose or your entire photo will appear distorted. If that happens, edit your photo to suit and reload it.

Please don’t:

  • Take a photo of yourself holding the phone in front of your bathroom mirror wearing your nicest suit —
    These photos are OK when you want to show off to your friends and relatives, but for a stranger that you might want to impress, they look a bit miserable. If you want to show off how well you look in that outfit, ask a friend to take a photo for you. Preferably at an event that you are actually wearing this outfit for. Alternatively, secure your phone in a stable location and take it by yourself using the delay option. Not in front of the mirror, please.
  • Post your duck face photo —
    Don’t clasp your lips to create the famous duck face expression, unless it’s a complete joke. If that’s the case, title your photo “my inevitable duck face photo” or something similar so people will know you’re being silly.
  • Use a photo of you with your best friend at a party —
    Especially not as your main profile photo; Especially not with someone that might look like your ex; Especially not with a group of gorgeous looking people of the opposite sex.
    These all could be used as an extra photo if you have a few other photos on your profile, however, use caution.

A couple of if’s:

  • If you have a dominant bodily feature that anyone can see when they first meet you, please have at least one photo that shows it —
    I don’t care if you’re obese, or fat, or missing a leg. Post one photo of yourself that clearly shows how you look. Bonus points if you look good and confident in this photo. If someone will be put off by this feature when they go on a date with you, you don’t want to go on a date with them. So this way you filter the ones who will make you feel bad about yourself.
  • If there are children in your photo, let us know who these children are —
    Are they your kids? Your neighbors? Whatever the case might be, make sure both their parents are OK for their kids’ photos to be posted online.

A photo speaks louder than words.

I just reactivated my online dating profile after it was dormant for a long time.

I see plenty of profiles of people that clearly didn’t invest much thought into their profiles. I’m not sure if they get any dates through this at all. Perhaps they do.

But what I’m surprised by is the number of people that did take their time to write a thoughtful profile, only to decorate it with photos that don’t present anything positive about them.

If you want a chance at better dates, this is what you need to understand:

Your profile needs to showcase yourself to the world.

It’s not about selling yourself, it’s about presenting who you are, so the best-suitable people will be interested.

And photos provide a glimpse into your essence that you should not take lightly.

Let us all see your shining self in these photos of yours.

Bringing awareness into wherever it’s needed.

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