Mister Alighieri you are spot on — it is not society’s role to help people deal with their emotions. However, I would rather live in a society that gives people tools to heal instead of in our current society, which very often makes it more difficult. And the term “society” is a bit problematic, too, as if it’s some sort of a conscious being that can make informed decisions. It is merely the way our society has evolved. And many aware individuals are working on changing our society to become more supportive and enlightened. I hope you are one of us…

The one thing which I have to disagree with you on is the validity of emotions (or feelings). Emotions are always valid. Even if your reaction to them is disproportional to the current event: it most probably means that you are reacting because a past event has not been fully dealt with yet. That’s the reason we should always deal with things immediately. Sadly, most of us repress our emotions until they become immensely painful, because we think those feelings are “wrong” or “bad”. And then when we do express them eventually — we tend to explode and completely overreact. Or blame someone else for hurting us.

When emotions are expressed in a healthy fashion, no one is to blame and no one is a victim. We are in charge of our emotions — but not by repressing (or suppressing) them but by releasing them while they are still relatively small and manageable.

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