It’s not so much that we forget that we are animals. It’s more that we need to learn how to accept our animalistic urges and incorporate them into what we have developed into: a thinking, aware, human-being.

In some religions that influenced our culture, the animalsitic behaviour is condemned and being seen as sinful, and this attitude is quite harmful.

Accepting our primitive brain does not mean we need to let it govern our actions. It also does not mean we need to supress its tendencies.

What we do need is to lovingly allow it to run its course while making sure no one (including ourselves) is being hurt by it. The fact that we feel aroused by thoughts of sexual misconducts is not a problem. The fact that we feel shame or guilt for being aroused by these thoughts is harmful. If we try to act upon these thoughts without considering how they might affect someone else is harmful. But allowing the arousal to just run its course, or finding a way to engage in a sex-play with clear boundaries where everyone is going to enjoy themselves, is very healthy indeed.

Bringing awareness into wherever it’s needed.

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