How to Deal With Jealousy Gracefully in Your Relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with jealousy if it’s dealt with appropriately.

  1. A willing partner to work on these issues with together.

Jealousy: what it’s all about.

Jealousy is the painful realization that your special relationship is potentially under threat by someone else.

Jealousy: an overreaction.

Infidelity is excruciating.

A hurt from the past is an opportunity for healing.

If I knew at the time what I know now, I would have acted differently.

A healthy reaction to jealousy.

To be honest, I don’t consider myself the jealous type — although I have felt jealous now and then in past relationships. I can only recall a handful of times in my life where I’ve been jealous, and they haven’t driven me to irrational or stupid behavior.

A how-to guide for dealing with jealousy in your relationship:

The issue is actually not jealousy.

  1. Work on the emotions that come along with jealousy and learn how to express them in the best way possible

Healing from past hurts within the framework of your current relationship:

If you have been hurt by infidelity in the past and not fully healed then this is your chance to do so.

Dealing with all of your emotions gracefully:

There are 4 ways to deal with emotions, generally speaking: repression, suppression, expression, and letting them go. The healthiest of these is letting go.

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