Hey Ryder Spearmann, there are quite a few different subjects that you raise in your response to my story.

To start with, the fact that someone doesn’t respond to your advances in a way that you want them to, does not say anything about them apart from that you’re not a good match for each other.

It looks like myself (and the few readers who responded to you) will not want to continue any sort of interaction with you. Does this mean we’re puritans? Perhaps. Who cares? We don’t like the way you communicate, you don’t like the way we interact, we are not a good match. Let’s respect that and move on.

My advice is to be open about sex, to talk about it (with people that we trust) and be direct and firm with our boundaries. This way, if someone does cross our boundary, we simply walk away. Easier said than done, though, as the society we live in right now do not help us understand our own boundaries and expect us to know our sexuality, when we are constantly bombarded with messages that are confusing, misleading, and harmful.

I agree with you that “an action that does not cause material and distinct harm toward that end has to be permitted”. When the harm is physical it is obvious, but when the harm is emotional, it’s very difficult to judge if it’s crossing the lines or not.

Bringing awareness into wherever it’s needed. www.makeloverevolution.com

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