Hey Pereira Miracle, your question is very important and I have no capacity to answer it because these situations are always more complicated than a few lines of comment. I would advise you to see a couple’s therapist to consult with (even if you go by yourself, for confidentiality, see someone that understands relationships — not just any psychotherapist).

“Everything you desire or wish for is already given” is not necessarily something that I agree with. It’s the Law of Attraction, which, as previously discussed, does have its flaws.

Now a few thoughts to ponder upon:

When you made a decision to a revert your attention from your spouse to someone else (even if you were not realizing it at the time that decision was made), you have diminished the importance of that relationship. Why did your attraction move away from your spouse into someone else? What is the reason behind it? The responsibility of keeping the spark alive in your relationship is on both of you. But if one of you forgets it, both of you loose the relationship in one way or another.

And as for sex. I highly recommend learning of ways to make it meaningful and satisfying for the long haul. Have a look at my free e-course to see what I’m talking about: www.makeloverevolution.com.

Whatever you decide to do, you must take full responsibility of your actions, and also your inactions. Make sure they are in line with your beliefs, morals, and goals. Do your best to minimize harm for others, but make sure you take care of yourself in the process.

I hope this helps.

Bringing awareness into wherever it’s needed. www.makeloverevolution.com

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