Hey Erotik Kaleidoscope, how I cherish your responses. They are very intelligent and always make me think…

To answer your question, I think my writing is a bridge between a world in which sexuality is compartmentalized and a world which it won’t be anymore. In an ideal world, my blog will be unnecessary and redundant. But until it happens, I write about sexuality in a way that (hopefully!) challenges people and their beliefs about sexuality.

When our society embraces sexuality as yet another natural aspect of our lives, there will be no need to be “wearing it on our sleeve” because it will simply be a part of what we are.

No one needs to know what form of sexual activity you enjoy personally (unless there are thoughts of engaging in a sexual activity together), but at the same time, you would never be ashamed of what you do and would never need to justify it. You won’t feel any urge to let other people know, because it’s simply a natural part of who you are. Same like you don’t feel the urge to announce to the world what is your favorite food. But if it does come up in a conversation, you simply mention it without a second thought.

The process of embracing our sexual nature and integrating it into our lives helps not just libido (which it obviously does), but also every other aspect of our lives. We cannot live an authentic life if one aspect of who we are needs to continuously stay in hiding. When it is released and celebrated, all other areas of our lives benefit from it.

I hope this answer your question Erotik Kaleidoscope.

Bringing awareness into wherever it’s needed. www.makeloverevolution.com

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