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Did you Know that Some People Wholeheartedly Enjoy Sex?

It’s true! I read it on the internet!

This title has little to do with what I want to write about. But I thought it’s funny.

The reason why you really really really must start talking about sex ASAP.

Like, now.

I started writing about sex in March 2017.

What we’re saying is pretty much this:

  • The way the media portrays sex has little to do with what sex is.
  • Most of us who were brought up in the Western society were indoctrinated to believe that sexuality is a flat, one-dimensional aspect of our lives. We absorb images of that sexuality everywhere we turn to. We make an effort to comply with that concept of sexuality. And when things don’t add up, when things don’t feel as satisfying as they “should”, we think that something is wrong with us.
  • It’s time to feel at peace with our own unique expression of the multi-dimensional sexual creatures that we are. We need to examine the beliefs that shaped us, release the ones that don’t work for us, and embrace the ones that do.
  • So many teachers use the term “revolution” in their teaching of sexuality. It’s because we really need to completely turn around, set the wheels in motion, and create the new paradigm where sex is no longer taboo. A world where sex is being taught as a form of intimacy, instead of a world where we only teach about keeping safe from STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

So how come so many people still don’t understand?

If there are so many teachers that teach a similar message — and you can find us all over the internet if you just look for us — then how come so many people still think that something is wrong with their sexuality?

But there’s hope.

Only 30 years ago it was really degrading to need to see a psychotherapist. No one would admit that they are seeing one because they would be perceived as loonies. These days if you don’t see some counselor or therapist, people think you are neglecting yourself. (OK, I know, I exaggerated a bit, but you get my point, don’t you?)

It’s time for you to join us.

Change is not easy. I know.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

We all want to live in a world where sex is an integrated, natural, healthy part of our human experience. But we can’t expect that it simply happens. We must actively be that.

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