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Bringing awareness into wherever it’s needed.
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A few weeks ago I published a story titled “The Problem with Men Giving Women Dating Advice.

In it, I shared how I went on a first date with a guy, had what I perceived to be a lovely connection, only to never hear back from him again.

It was…

On the benefits of scheduling sex.

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Many people think that sex is supposed to be spontaneous.

This is an idea we are exposed to in all the unrealistic depictions of sex surrounding us. And that may have worked for you during some phases of your relationship.

Thing is, if we leave sex to happen by itself…

It’s a great way to release emotions.

Author dancing at home, in her pajamas.

A bit about dealing with emotions:

From a very young age, we’ve all felt emotions.

And we expressed these emotions in a variety of ways:

  • Hitting;
  • Crying;
  • Screaming;
  • Throwing a tantrum.

These are all natural, intuitive ways of expressing emotions.

But there is something wrong with expressing emotions like that.

We learned early on that those…

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When my daughter started walking, it was obvious to me that she needed to stay barefoot as much as possible.

I could clearly see how the muscles in her feet were developing and that they needed freedom to evolve naturally.

Then I looked into it and found that my intuition…

4 principles that will guarantee a pleasurable experience in bed.

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If you’ve ever felt pain while having sex, the first thing you need to know is that it’s not uncommon: a 2015 research found that 30% of women reported pain during intercourse.

If you sought help from a physician, you might have been diagnosed with any one of an array…

I Took Ownership of My Lack of Attention

Photo by Nicola König on Unsplash

I was already seasoned by harsh breakups. I’d had some tough ones in the past. I wasn’t too concerned about a broken heart, because I had experienced it enough times to know I could find my happiness on the other side.

This breakup shouldn’t be different, right?


Even though…

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With sex, our goal is usually having some sort of orgasm. And as such, we put in a lot of effort to make sure we achieve it. If it doesn’t happen — we feel unsatisfied and disappointed. Sometimes we even doubt our ability as lovers.

But what if instead of…

As told by those who actually know it.

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Remember Cinderella?


She had an evil stepmother and wicked stepsisters alright.

And she was kind and humble and oppressed.

But she wasn’t exceptionally pretty or anything.

She was just plain. And wild.

Early on in her life, she realized that she didn’t fit in.

She loved being outdoors, enjoying…

Photo by Pascal van de Vendel on Unsplash

I started my slow-sex journey around 15 years ago.

I was in a long-term relationship that was far from ideal and our sex life was miserable. On the rare occasions we did have sex, it was not enjoyable. …

Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

We’ve been seeing each other for nearly 6 months now.

Not regularly and not all that often, I’m afraid, but enough to have lots of sex.

Which we both enjoy. Tremendously.

And we have both not had an orgasm whilst having sex with each other.
Not even once.

I suppose…

Maya Melamed

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